Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Transitional Me

This photo was taken of me at work last Friday. I was really surprized when I saw it by how thin I looked! I think part of the reason is that it is only upper body, but it is encouraging to see a visual of my progress!

I am now on the off part of my diet until I get back from Europe and I need to be careful not to gain weight. I think it's going to be hard.

I'll be out of the loop for a little while, able to get email and respond,but I don't think I can blog, we'll see if I can figure it out while I am gone! Be back mid May!

Desert View 72!

My grade school reunion was this past weekend and it was a blast! I think we missed a few in the group photo. We also had 8 former faculty show up and quite a few spouses, friends, etc. Everyone had worked hard and yet it was still not that hard to pull off, really.

Finding people was one of the more difficult things and getting an accurate count of how many to expect. It was a warm, friendly and memorable weekend.

I heard requests to do it again all the tway from every year, every two years, etc. I know we'll do it again, I'm just not sure of the frequency yet. I think one of the things that made it so fun, was that a lot of us had been talking on line for quite a while before the reunion and that made it feel more comfortable when we finally met up. And we had also had a chance to look up photos of who was coming so we would remember them.

This is me with Ron Stephens and his wife. Ron was a very popular guy in grade school and I don't know that we had ever really talked before. He claimed we were friends in 4th grade. Maybe.....but I really don't remember.

We had a total of 8 of the former teachers show up. Pretty funny when you think we are all going to be 50 this year. It was great fun to see them and when one of the girls said, You paddled me!, the teacher said, yes and I regret it. Pretty funny.

This is the some of the former 8th grade pom line posing with an impossibly small outfit from then. Too funny! Some of these same girls were dancing on the tables by the end of the evening. Once a Pom girl always a Pom girl I guess!
Looks like a good time was had by all, huh?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Progress Report

I just wanted to let you all know how the diet is progressing. I'm not losing as fast as at first, but am still losing steadily. I've lost 53lbs so far! I'm pleased. I have to go off the strict part of the diet mid month until I come back from Europe. I'm hoping to just maintain while I'm gone. The doctor thinks I might still be able to loose because I'll be active while on vacation. I hope so. But I've been active here lately too, riding my bike! It's been fun. I'm trying to get a ride in with everyone who wanted to go for a ride before I leave, because I know it will be darn hot by the time I get back from Europe!


We have started doing portraits in my drawing class now. It is hard to try and make it really look like the person, but I am making progress. Here is my first one:

Here hair looks like her, but I made her nose and face a little long and her face to angular. It's amazing what a few centimeters can do. I'm drawing her again in class this week and am doing a better job.

Last Wednesday we drew again and I did a lot better job. I was surprized at how well I did. Partly it's because my teacher comes around behind me regularly and tells me things I can do to correct it and make it look more like the guy. But still, I was very pleased! I don't think I'll do as well without her help, but I'll work on it. This REALLY looks like him!

Pretty soon I'm going to have to do a homework assignment without her to help and we'll see what I can do!