Monday, June 29, 2009

Julian, CA

Several years ago, my friend Robin was stationed in San Diego. She took me to a place called Julian up in the hills north east of San Diego. It is a cute little former mining town. It is now known for it's apples and apple pies and art. I had only been there the one time. My sister and I stopped in on our way back from San Diego. It was all decorated for the fourth of July and seems to be a favorite destination for weekend bikers. We took a little carriage tour. We bought a pie to take home and had a glass of apple cider. We even saw some wild turkeys. It 's a pretty drive, even just getting there.
We rode in the far carriage.
My sister in the carriage. Also some of the collection of bikers. You can see the one that I took a photo of by itself, has a little leopard print going on.
Two Turkey hens, and if you look closely you can see two adolescent turkeys.

Mexican Folk Dancers in Old Town San Diego

While my sister and I went to San Diego to do some fishing, we also went to Old Town San Diego. We just happened into some performances of Mexican Folk Dancing. It is interesting that I have lived in the Southwest almost my whole life and thought I was pretty familiar with the Mexican culture. I discovered that I knew very little in regards to the dances. There are a lot of variety and lot of cultural influences. Some dances are very native Indian, some show a lot of interaction with the Germans or other eastern Europeans who lived in the various Mexican states. It was fascinating. I have several enjoyable photos to share. In one dance there was a little boy of about 5 or 6 who was very serious and danced beautifully. I call him Mr. Adorable. Enjoy!

My Sister in Old Town.