Monday, August 29, 2016

Second visit to the Mission at San Juan De Capistrano

 I loved this place last year and so took Aimee with me while we were in the area.

This is the ruins from the original chapel that was destroyed in an earthquake. The niches held statues, one survived, of Mary. I have a pic of it further down. Several people lost their lives in the earthquake.

The front courtyard area.

The current chapel.

Me being silly

 A painting of Mary Pickford's wedding which was held here.

The surviving statue.

Beautiful place to visit

Water lillies at the Mission in San Juan Capistrano

I LOVE the water lilies at the Mission in San Juan De Capistrano. Here are just pics of them.

Ben Harper at the Hollywood Bowl

Aimee and I were able to go to a concert at the Hollywood Bowl. We saw a guy named Dallas Green as an opening act. I enjoyed him. Then Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals came on. Apparently lots of people know and love him. I had never heard of him before I bought the tickets, but I love going to the Hollywood Bowl, so I got them. It was a fun show. These pics I took from the jumbotron screens. We weren't anywhere near this close.

 The Los Angeles Philharmonic came on part way through and played with them. That was fun too.

Love the Hollywood bowl!

Some of the Art from the the Huntington Library and Gardens

Just a few more photos from Aimee's and my trip to the Huntington. We went through the Japanese gardens. But unfortunately, the heat and humidity kept us from checking out the Chinese gardens and conservatory, both of which are new and I haven't been in.
This shaded bamboo walk was pretty.

 And this iconic view of the bridge and tea house is perfect.

Entrance to the Japanese gardens. I took some photos of the amazing bonsai trees, but didn't seem to download them.
Statue of Diana

Oliver Cromwell. Not necessarily the best of persons but certainly influential. Now that I know I am a distant relation, had to take a photo.

We checked out the European Art in the mansion house. I have always liked this painting "Sarah Siddons as the Tragic Muse".

Pinkie is famous

 Several amazing portraits by Gainsborough, Reynolds, Van Gogh, Gauguin. All enjoyable to see.

Chandelier in the dining room 

More modern British painting

Sancho Panza as a youth

Loved this, but you know I am a dog person.

Italian hill town


We had high tea in the Tea room. I should have taken more pics than just the scones, but was too busy eating.

In addition to art, the Huntington is known for it's library. They have one of the original Gutenburg bibles. This illustration is from a page of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.

This is from an Illustrated Book Of Hours, or a prayer book.

Sculpture garden