Sunday, March 27, 2016

Arrowhead Kennel Club Dog Show 2016

Penny and I got to go to one more dog show this spring. This one had a dock diving demonstration. Although the dogs involved liked the water, some were more enthused about jumping off the "dock" area than others. Some needed encouragement, including a shove. But they all seemed to be enjoying themselves.

A few of the pretty dogs we saw, a Briard.

A Dandy Dinmont Terrier. A dog that looks as fun as it's name.

We both love Wheaten Terriers, ever since we saw a puppy at a shop once. Sweetest dog ever.

The Kerry Blue Terriers seemed like nice dogs too.

This Boston enjoyed being held.

The Viszla's

A short haired pointer.

We saw several different colors of Great Danes.

A Kuvasz! A pretty big dog.

I forget what this breed is called, but I think is a short haired Swiss mountain dog? Something like that. Another big dog.

Pinschers. A nice middle sized dog.

I'm trying to remember, some kind of herding dog I hadn't seen in person before. Nice dog.

Wire haired pointer.


A quilt that was up for raffle.

Irish Wolfhound


Foxhound, a really pretty dog.
Wirehaired fox terrier.

 An Australian Shepherd puppy 

A pile of poms.

an English Mastiff. Only about 8 months old.

A Pointer.

A bulldog

 A scottie.
It's fun to wander around and see all the pretty dogs.

Easter 2016

Had a really nice Easter this year. Church in the morning. Our choir sang some really nice music. I was glad to be able to participate in that. My primary class was fun. Had two little boys there which was just right.
Then home to dinner with this fun group. So glad Uncle Ron and Aunt Rejeana were able to make it over this year.
I bought some vintage china this year that was just like what my mom had when we were growing up. They don't make it anymore, so I was excited to be able to get eight plates.

Excellent food, excellent company. Nice time for us all. I forgot to get photos of the Easter baskets we exchanged. A fun thing!

Amy modeled the rabbit ears she got in her basket.

Uncle Ron wore a napkin ring behind one ear.

 A chocolate bunny missing it's ears.
Dessert! Key Lime pie and Raspberry mouse cake!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Spring Training Game 2016

Penny and I like to catch a spring training game every year. This year we went to a Diamondbacks vs. The Texas Rangers game at Salt River Fields. We had never been there, and it was quite nice.
We had great seats, behind home plate and in the second section, so we had shade the whole time. We were very grateful. It was hot!

 It was fun to go to a game where we cared a little more about the teams. And the Diamondbacks did great! They won 11 to 2.

The Geico lizard was there. I had my picture taken with him.

They have a booth where they make fry bread! Penny had an Indian Taco.

What a great idea this is! Especially out by the lawn seats.

 Beautiful grass, beautiful view. It was a sold out crowd. The lawn seats were very crowded at first. As the afternoon wore on, people thinned out. I think they were too hot. We were ok the whole time.

Lawn seats.

Our view to the right.

Our view to the left.

Pretty place! Great afternoon!