Monday, December 30, 2013

How to have a Happy Birthday

I always enjoy my birthdays. I think it's because I take charge of them. I think about what I would like to do and then plan it. I always enjoy myself. I think depending on someone else for your birthday celebration can leave you disappointed.
This morning, my niece and I had a an extra nice breakfast. We were able to enjoy some beautiful birthday flowers sent by my friend, Geoff.
Then we went to the movies. We enjoyed Saving Mr. Banks very much. We washed the car. Did an errand. Had a fun lunch. A few more errands.
Then it was time to get ready for our evening entertainment. Last year we had a ride in a rented limo to our nice dinner. I had to think of something else that would be fun and different. When I was 5, I had a pinata. Since I am 55 this year, I thought It would be fun to do it again. My friend, Lynnora's birthday is the day after mine, so we often celebrate together. So I got TWO pinatas. I filled them with some candy, but also things adults would like, movie passes, soap, hair brush, combs, socks, etc.
It was pretty funny. The pinata's were a lot harder to break than we thought they would be.

 Tiffany was our most athletic hitter. We finally let her just have at the pinata.
Some of the participants had never done anything like this before and didn't quite know about scrambling to collect the stuff inside. We had to tell them to grab the goodies.

The second pinata, we dispensed with the blindfold. It was still a lot of work to get it broken. These were tough pinatas!

The two birthday girls with improvised party hats made from pinata parts.

Then we had a delicious dinner at Bink's Midtown. Pricey, but fun for a special occasion.

 The food was good!

 The company was very enjoyable.
 Cindy gave me this fun picture, it's called the dog governess. Of course it's very apt.
 And my Birthday flowers! A great day!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Chihulily Glass and Luminarias at the Desert Botanical Garden 2013

Tonight, my niece and I went to the Desert Botanical Garden. They have a Chihulily glass exhibition coinciding with the luminarias they do at Christmas. It was really beautiful. And it was in the high 60's, very comfortable with a full moon. What more could you ask for. We enjoyed the music and festivities very much. Here is a sampling of pictures from our evening.