Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gratitude for a new Cause

I haven't said anything about this because it hasn't been my news to share. My sister was recently diagnosed with CML, a type of leukemia. It has been rather scary and sobering. She finally saw an oncologist yesterday. She was told that while the treatment is very expensive, there is a pill that she can take that will stop the abnormal production of her white cells. She will have to stay on this pill the rest of her life. They are 200$ each. One a day. 6000$ a month.
For now, she is employed and has health insurance. We are hopeful that she will be able to get most of the costs covered. She works in a little rural postoffice and so we are nervous about what may happen when her office is closed and she is likely to lose her job. But for now it feels like the most amazing gift to be told there is a pill you can take that will take care of your cancer, have a nice life. It is amazing to me that someone worked on this and invented this incredible thing. I feel a need to support that kind of research out of gratitude for work that they have done and continue to do. If you are interested, here is a link to their website.
Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Photos from North Eastern Arizona trip

I went on a 1200 mile road trip for work last week. I went to 15 medical facilities in 4 days. I didn't do much of anything else, but I did get some nice photos along the way. I love this photo of a cottonwood tree at Keams Canyon. The afternoon sun was hitting it just right.

White Mountain Regional Medical Center.

Along the road between Chinle and Kayenta.

Near Kayenta

Between Kayenta and Page.

Navajo generating station by Page.

By Page.
Horseshoe Bend by Page.
Cool rock by Page.
Storm clouds, horseshoe bend.
Early morning sun hitting the cliffs by Page.
Fall leaves in Page.

On the way between Page and Tuba City.

Looking towards the Vermillion cliffs.
Marble canyon and Vermillion Cliffs.
Beginning of Grand Canyon.
Fall leaves and storm clouds in Oak Creek Canyon
The best meal I had on the road, at Java Blues in Springerville.