Thursday, September 19, 2013

Scenes of a Road Trip

I took a lot of photos on my recent road trip. Here are a few of just the scenic views along the way. There was a lot of rain and clouds which added a lot to the beauty. These two are the Vermillion cliffs in northern Arizona.

The white layer of rock, near Mt. Carmel, Utah.

Sunflowers near Oxford, Idaho.

Rain in the distance, near Oxford, Idaho.

Near Oxford, Idaho.

Tabernacle in Paris, Idaho.

Bear Lake, Utah.

 Clouds and mountains, Oxford, Idaho.
Oxford, Idaho.

Oxford, Idaho.

 Cliffs near Page, AZ.

 Vermillion cliffs, AZ.

Tabernacle, Logan, Utah.

Sights at and around my Sister's house in Idaho

My sister and her family keep chickens. I woke every morning to him crowing. Although one night, he was crowing at 2:30AM. Crazy rooster. This is one of her many laying hens. I brought back 3 dozen of my sister's eggs.

I pulled the onions out of my sister's garden. She had a lot of really nice onions. I brought back 4.

This is the product of my sister's squash vines. She thinks they are cross bred zucchini and summer squash. They were quite huge. She was calling them inedible because they were so big, had a lot of seeds and the skin had gotten tough. I told her I could make something out of them. I  brought 3 back. I have made some inedible squash bread (zucchini bread) and a soup so far. Now she says, it's not that they were inedible, it's just that no one up there but the chickens will eat them.

This is the herbaceous border on my sister's side yard. It looks so nice. I am envious of all the area she has to plant and grow things. They are expecting snow soon though, and so it's close to the end for a while.

My mom, sister and I went for a long drive one day. We went by a farm that raised Clydesdales. We saw this adorable baby Clydesdale. Not quite like the commercials, but still adorable.

This was a clydesdale team.

 Some peaking out of the barn.
 Flower from my sister's garden.
 We also saw them dumping slag at a phosphorous mine.
 Bee Hives near my sister's house. Helps her garden be healthy.
 One of the many rainbows I saw on my trip. It rained some everyday, so we saw rainbows every day.
 Low lying clouds behind my sister's place.

 A multitude of cars parked at my sister's.
 A view towards the garden and hen house.
 My sister is now the post mistress in Lewiston, Utah. This little community theatre is next door to her post office. We went to the movies the night before I left. It cost  2$ to get in and 2.50 for my drink and popcorn. And it was a recent movie too. It was awesome! It's non profit and subsidized by the town.

People in Idaho

This is my niece's friend Kelsie. She was the photographer at the powder puff game.

My Mom and her dog.

My nephew Daniel. Much more grown up than when I last saw him 2 years ago. He loves to work on cars.

My sister Janet.

My sister Wendy. We were playing a card game.

My niece Karliegh. She was busy with homecoming festivities while I was there.
Somehow, I missed getting a photo of my Brother in law, Ron. Love you anyway Ron!

Dogs riding in style

 I always seem to take photos of the dogs when I visit family in Idaho. Here is my Mom's dog, Dotty, riding on her lap on her scooter.
When my sister and I went on a four wheeler ride, her dog Beau rode in front and Chiara on the back. Baxter, the huge chocolate lab, couldn't come because he was too big to ride.

Chiara is a high energy and intense dog. I think you can tell.

 Dotty is more laid back, although she can keep up when the dogs go for a run.
My sister likes to drive the dogs over to a dirt loop of about 7 miles. It is really close, about 1/2 mile away, and the dogs get dirty, so they ride over in the open trunk. After they have run, gotten wet in the stream, etc, They ride home in the trunk. The trunk has distinctive wet dog smell now. Febreze anyone?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Old Signs

I think old signs are pretty cool. Here are a few that I took photos of on my trip through Utah and into Idaho.