Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Blood Moon

Last night was one of the lunar eclipses that was billed as a Blood Moon, because it was supposed to look red. It was fun to watch, but it didn't look as red to the naked eye. I imagine it looked quite red if you were using a telescope or binoculars. I took some photos with my camera and it looked much more red than to my eye. I don't have any special attachements to take photos like this, just my zoom. Here are a few to look at in case you missed it!


Sedona Jeep Tour

I have been wanting to take one of the off road jeep tours in Sedona for years. Recently Groupon had one and I grabbed it. My niece and I went up this past Saturday.
It was a beautiful day, perfect weather. And we had a good time. My only complaint was that there was that they took us to one of the less scenic areas of Sedona. I am not sure of the reason. There are so many jeep tours there now and maybe they are limited where they can go due to congestion.
Still it was a fun way to spend a Saturday.
He started by showing us a statue of Sedona, whom the town was named after. It's in front of the library.I had never seen it and so that was fun.

Some of the nice scenery on the way.

The stop at the turn around point. Our guide lived up to the Old West billing. He was packing a Colt 45, two big knives, hat, vest and spurs.

My niece was along and we did get a photo together, but she won't let me post any photos with her in them on the internet, so you just get me.