Tuesday, June 28, 2011

First attempt at painting a person

I enjoyed getting my watercolors out at camp and was wanting to try to paint a person. So this is my friend Helle, but I cheated and did her just from the back. I am happy enough with it to want to keep trying!

Monday, June 27, 2011

What else I did at camp

When I didn't have to do something nursie at camp, I was busy having fun. I took a lot of pictures. Some people mistakenly thought I was the camp photographer. This is dragon fly that fell in love with my car antenna. Or as Cindy called it, a big ugly bug.

I hadn't touched my watercolors in probably 3 or 4 years. I brought them up and had a lot of fun. I am a dabbler, but I was especially pleased with how the bulldog painting turned out.

I finshed up this sweater. I am pleased with how it turned out too.

Here is a cat hat for a baby.

A puppy dog hat for a toddler.

An elf hat and booties for a baby!
Had a great time doing all this. Not to mention the reading I got done! Love, love, love doing all of it.

Winston, my baby

Can't believe he's almost 9!

Camp Lomia 2011

I have lumped most all of my camp photos in one posting, so bear with me.  Here is the main entrance. As you can see the camp has been around a long time.

Pam, our esteemed camp director.

Natalee one of the assistant camp directors.

Cindy and Marion, part of the stake staff.

Cindy reading by flashlight.

Each group made a banner for display. The theme was SOS: Seeking our Savior. Sort of religous and nautical at the same time. Cindy painted our stake banner on the left. Her daughter Melanie worked on the one on the right.

The YCL's or  youth camp leaders are fifth year girls who plan and run camp.

Cindy's husband, Dave, was our priesthood leader. He was amazing. There were a lot of things that were badly in need of repair in the camp and he worked like a dog the whole time he was there.

This first year camper was a little firecracker! Here are the girls just after arriving, getting their camp shirts.

Rachel, one of the YCL's helping one of the first year girls.

There were craft activities.

Stake staff cabin.

Here is some of what I did in my down time.

More crafting.

What I made.

Flag ceremonies every morning and evening were complete with songs, cheers, exercises.

One of the girls who hadn't been feeling well, telling me how she was doing now.

Camp food.

Jordan and Chole after one of the evening activities.

Dave and Cindy early on. Later we all looked a little worse for wear.

Rachel and Melanie leading their stupendous Jazzercise class.

There was Archery and hiking, both lead by Cindy.

President Lythgow and Dave at the morning flag ceremony. President Lythgow was on his way to the boy scout camp too.

Evening meal. Joann Yule was our Stake Young Women's President. That is here with the red scarf.

Flowers in hair were everywhere! It was one of the crafts.
Natalee and Paula the 2 assistant camp directors.

Embroidery thread mess after a week of camp.

First year girls after getting their certificates.

Second year girls

Third year girls.

The rowdy fourth years.

The amazing YCL's!
The great cabin mom's.
It was a fun and busy week!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Water Games at Girl's Camp

One of the activities that has been done both times I have been at girl's camp is Water Games. My friend, Cynthia, has been in charge both times and has come up with some really fun things.
This year, the first thing was a relay race where the girls had to blow up a balloon, run down to one of two little boats that were filled with water. They had to sit on the balloon to break it and run back before their team member could leave.

It was hilarious to watch. A lot of balloons got away on the first try.

Another escapee balloon.

It took several tries for this girl to get her balloon to stay in!

The next thing was another relay with three teams. The girls had a number 10 can that had a bunch of holes punched in the bottom. The first girl had to fill it up and pass the leaking can over her head. The girl who took it had to pass it between her legs. Back and forth to the end of the line. At the end of the line, the last girl had to run and dump what water was left into 5 gallon bucket and then run to the front of the line. After a given time, whomever had the most water in their 5 gallon bucket one.

A team celebrating their win.

The next relay, the girls took large sweatpants and had to dunk it in a tub of water. Without wringing it out, they had to put them on over their clothes and shoes and run down to where their team was. Then pull off the pants and hand the same pair to the next person.

Then the frozen t shirt event. The girls took a t shirt the night before and got it sopping wet. They had to tie it and wad it up. Then they were frozen solid. So in this event, the winner would be whatever team was able to get their t shirts defrosted enough to put on first.  All sorts of methods were tried to defrost the shirt. Lots of body parts were tried to assist. Here is the mouth method.

Here a girl has it in armpit. Trying to get the shirts unknotted was pretty hard. They were all pretty frantic trying to do something to get them defrosted.

Here she is trying to using her legs to defrost it. Behind her people are trying to use puddles on the ground.

Finally the knot is out, but it is still pretty frozen.

Somehow, beating the shirt on the tree seemed like a good idea too. One of the leaders watching, said it looked like an insane asylum! It was pretty hilarious. A side effect of all this shirt abuse, was all the shirts ended up with holes in them.

The girl in the green shirt is the first one to get her shirt on. She actually ran to the bathroom and used the hot water. They hadn't specifically said it was against the rules...

Lots of team work invovled.

Here is the winning team with all their t shirts on.

The final game was another relay. Had to jump rope three times with a cup of water in your hand. Then dump what was left in a bucket. Again, the most water won.

At the end was a generalized water fight!