Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Bike!

I bought a new bike today! Isn't it awesome! It's an Amsterdam bike by Electra bikes. I love the whole retro look to it and it rides great. It's just a 3 speed and has coaster brakes just like when we were kids. I got a little "bike computer" for it. It attaches to the handlebars and it's wireless. It tells me how far the bike has been ridden, it has a trip odometer, tells you how long you've been riding, what time it is, what temperature it is and how fast you're going. It's pretty cool. The seat and handlegrips are leather. It has cool fenders and mini mudflaps. I love the rack on the back, the lights and the metal casing over the back wheel. I also like that the handlebars are a little higher and so you aren't hunched over. I rode around the neighborhood this morning and it was so nice being out and about, cool breeze, citrus blossums! Very fun! Any one ready to go on a bike ride?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dobbie Dog Days

This is Dobbie, my dog with "issues". He is doing so well now though. I am a big fan of neutering! It has helped him a lot.

He LOVES the dog park and is never ready to go home. He spends the whole time patroling the fence or occasionally visiting with the other dogs and people. But he always looks so happy there. He needs to lose a few pounds as well and I figure since he is constantly moving while he is there, it must be good for him.
The dog park is always a really interesting place to be. There is a lot going on with the dogs and the people. Even if you don't have a dog, you should go sometime and hang out a little while. Anyone is welcome to come along with me!

Just Ducky

I love to crochet. I only learned in my 30's, but I find it, mostly very relaxing. Most of my friends have all they might want from me in the way of crochet, but I still want to make things and so I often make things for acquaintances and sometimes perfect strangers.

I saw this adorable pattern for a baby/child afghan and decided I had to make it. I wasn't sure who it was going to go to until last Sunday. I talked to a lady at church who is expecting and loves ducks. At least I know her. I don't really like to give ones that took a lot of work to people I don't know. But I just think this is adorable and had to take a picture for everyone else to enjoy too!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

A little Night Music

Well here I am working all night again. It's a little crazy because I was on the road for work all week, doing day time hours and now have to work at night. I had slipped back into a more day schedule. I woke up at 9am today, even trying to sleep in. I couldn't go back to sleep either. At least I got my house work done today before I came in, because I know I'll not feel like doing it tomorrow!
I'm working with Big Mike. He always says he's fat and furry. He's a funny guy. He listens to KSLX all night. It's pretty good actually. I keep telling him which songs were song on American Idol this year. He really doesn't care.
I've lost 35lbs on my diet so far! It's going really well. I am even learning how to eat out now. That is a big relief for me. I LOVE eating out.
I was in a 5 car accident on Monday. Thank goodness I only had a glancing blow and no one was hurt. I had the insurance estimate today and it was 1748$ for just a corner of the bumper and tail light. I'm glad it wasn't my fault.
The dog park has been a hoot lately. 25 little dogs there the last time I went. My dogs had a great time.
I'm getting season tickets to the symphony again next year. My friend who went with me doesn't want to go this year. Anyone want to go to the pops for 4 concerts? I've also got 4 classic concerts and one to see Joshua Bell a "legendary" violinist.