Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Fun

I stopped in at work on St. Patrick's Day and found these cute girl's working! Back row, Nancy, Leslie, Coleen, Lynnora, Susan, Kat. Front Row, Misty, Heather and Leti.

Finally! Cat and Mouse Afghan done

I started this cat and mouse afghan a year ago. I haven't been working on it non stop, but I also haven't let myself work any other craft projects until this was finished. Needless to say, I get sick of it before it is done. Last Fall I decided that I would be giving it to my friend Lynnora. That gave me more incentive to hurry up. I didn't get it done by Christmas. I didn't get it done on her Birthday, which was Dec. 31. But she did get it just in time for St. Patrick's day.
It's cute! But it's time to move on to another project.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Spring Training Game

Arizona is a hot spot for Spring Training. I have been hearing about the games my whole life and had never gone to one. Today I saw the Chicago White Sox and the Cinnicinnati Reds play at Camelback Ranch. It was a really nice facility. And a beautiful day for a ball game. There were folks of all ages who turned out. There were bat boys.

Interesting pitcher poses.

Seventh inning stretch.

Interesting batter poses.

First base saw a lot of action.

Penny and I.

Interesting hairstyles to consider.

I think that's a ball.

The Reds never quite got a run.

Pitcher mound conference. Look at the wad in the one guy's cheek.

Somebody enjoyed their pedicure.

Lucy was a Reds fan.

Who knew Christopher Lloyd was a White Sox fan.

Another early fan showed up.

The White Sox congratulate each other on their win.