Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Dias De Los Muertos

I find an interesting phenomenon that this Mexican holiday is finding an increasing amount of popularity in Arizona lately. I have always found the holiday and the folk art associated with it fascinating. My neighbor had a Dias De Los Muertos party on Friday night. She said to bring a photo of someone you want to remember and come and tell stories about them. What a nice tradition that is! It sort of like a more party like Memorial Day with an emphasis on those who have passed on instead of the 3 day weekend.

There have been some celebrations around town too. I decided to go to the one at the Mesa Arts Center since I hadn't been there before and it was free.

The Mesa Arts Center is a pretty place. I think that at least during the time that Penny and I were there, there wasn't a lot going on. I did decorate a sugar skull with the kids. I had always wanted to do that and it was fun. There were some mariachi's playing too.

In Mexico they actually go to the graveyard and have a kind of picnic with those of their family that have passed on. I think it's all a nice idea. The imagery is not scary or evil, skulls and skeletons dressed in bright colors. And I like the idea of taking the time to remember those who have passed on.
So how do the rest of you feel about it?


Bandanamom said...

They celebrated this at Jordan's school this year and the kids seemed to really like it. She made a little alter to Anne Frank (they had to choose a historic person to make an alter to). I think it was a good learning experience for her.

The longer I live in Arizona, the more I appreciate these quirky little things that I never really understood before (I didn't even know what this holiday was before we moved here).

In other countries they emphasize All Saints day which is basically the same thing.

Joyce DiPastena said...

In Italy, they bake Bones of the Dead cookies for All Saints day. Janet has several recipes and used to send some home for awhile. I'll have to nag her to make some for me again.

Suzanne said...

Have her send me some cookies too, Joyce!