Saturday, March 8, 2008

A little Night Music

Well here I am working all night again. It's a little crazy because I was on the road for work all week, doing day time hours and now have to work at night. I had slipped back into a more day schedule. I woke up at 9am today, even trying to sleep in. I couldn't go back to sleep either. At least I got my house work done today before I came in, because I know I'll not feel like doing it tomorrow!
I'm working with Big Mike. He always says he's fat and furry. He's a funny guy. He listens to KSLX all night. It's pretty good actually. I keep telling him which songs were song on American Idol this year. He really doesn't care.
I've lost 35lbs on my diet so far! It's going really well. I am even learning how to eat out now. That is a big relief for me. I LOVE eating out.
I was in a 5 car accident on Monday. Thank goodness I only had a glancing blow and no one was hurt. I had the insurance estimate today and it was 1748$ for just a corner of the bumper and tail light. I'm glad it wasn't my fault.
The dog park has been a hoot lately. 25 little dogs there the last time I went. My dogs had a great time.
I'm getting season tickets to the symphony again next year. My friend who went with me doesn't want to go this year. Anyone want to go to the pops for 4 concerts? I've also got 4 classic concerts and one to see Joshua Bell a "legendary" violinist.

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