Friday, August 29, 2008

The Perfect Storm?

I live in central Phoenix and we got slammed in a way that I have never seen in all the years I have lived here. Hurricane force winds last night, 77 mph. My back fence was whipping back and forth and I seriously was afraid it would take flight. It did break a fence post. Constant lightening, thunder, hail, over an inch and a half of rain. It was truly like Armegeddon. I have never really been afraid during a storm when I was inside the house, but I kinda was this time. I opened the back door to see what was going on with the back fence and immeadiately thought, I should close the door. And then I was afraid my sliding glass doors were going to implode or something.
The storm did something to my air conditioner. I was lucky in that my power didn't go out, but something happened with the wires on the roof and the thermostat was no longer able to let it cycle on and off, it was just on. I didn't realize what was going on until early this morning when I woke up freezing. I wondered why all the dogs wanted under the covers during the night. That is probably what helped me make it to morning, I was having a 3 dog night! When I looked at the thermostat it was 57 degrees inside my house. My canary was puffed up so he wouldn't be a canary popsicle.
Thank goodness I had arranged to work from home this morning and so was able to be home when I got a repairman here. They were able to get my air conditioner all fixed up. I called someone from church who was able to at least temporarily fix my fence and will hopefully be able to fix it for good later. A post broke off at ground level.
I left at lunch and there are trees down everywhere and street lights out. A lot of people are still without power. I guess I would rather have the freezing cold this morning than no power all night.
And my home teachers home that he was remodeling was flooded. I was thinking at lunch, that we are lucky if no one was killed last night between falling trees, lightening, and hazardous rain and road conditions.
So now I'm feeling lucky a my house!

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Anonymous said...

That was some storm! I thought we were all going to have seizures from the strobe lightening and constant thunder! We were fortunate this time that we DIDN'T get the wind! Loved all that rain though! Lee's power at work was out and most of the trees were decapitated! I am glad you could get the air conditioner fixed to avoid your canarysisckle and hopfully not have another 3 dog night!