Monday, October 27, 2008

Movies far

Lezlee did a cool post about the movies she has seen in 2008. It started me thinking. I knew I hadn't seen as many, but couldn't remember for sure how many I had seen. I looked up all the movies released in 2008 and was actually a little shocked to realize I have only seen 7. Since I got Netflix, I don't worry too much if I don't get to see a movie in the theatre because I know I can always watch it later. I also seem to have so many other things to do, sometimes it's just hard to make myself go.
So first of all, here are the movies, I've actually gone to a theatre to see this year:

Juno 5 stars!
The Spiderwick Chronicles 3 stars
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian 4 stars
Kung Fu Panda 4 stars
Wall E 4 stars
The Dark Knight 4 stars
Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3 stars

You know I try hard not to go see R rated movies, so it's interesting that my list looks a little childlike, doesn't it? I'm okay with that. Now my netflix list looks a little different. I pulled it off of Netflix. Here is what I've seen in 2008:

Maxed Out (I don't even remember it. That's indicative don't you think?)
Driving Lessons 3 stars
Shall We Dance? 3 stars
Must Love Dogs 3 stars
Failure to launch 2 stars
Mr. and Mrs. Smith 2 stars
The Notebook 4 stars
Hitch 3 stars
Flightplan 3 stars
Firewall 2 stars
The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio 3 stars
In Her Shoes 4 stars
No Reservations 3 stars
Enchanted 5 stars
The Golden Compass 2 stars
The Orphanage 3 stars
Matchstick Men 4 stars
The Prestige 3 stars
Reign of Fire 1 star
An Inconvenient Truth 3 stars
The U.S. Vs. John Lennon 4 stars
August Rush 2 stars
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly 4 stars
Hairspray 3 stars

I think this was an interesting exercise and I would love to see what the rest of you watched this year and what you thought of it. I tag Joyce, Michelle, Cynthia and Cathy!


Anonymous said...

I'll try to give you some, but you know I don't get out much!

Bandanamom said...

How did I manage to leave off Juno on my list? I loved that movie. Would have given it 5 stars as well. As for the movies on your list, I also I really, really liked Matchstick Men. I wanted to see the Diving Bell and the Butterfly so based on your recommendation I will have to see that.

I used to do netflix, but I find that my family is always interfering with my ability to enjoy watching a movie so I quit. We do get movies on in demand sometimes. My DVD player is broken anyway so that's got to get fixed before I can plan to watch too many things I missed.

The only movie on your list that you didn't like that I kind of did like was Mr. & Mrs. Smith. But I have a huge Brad Pitt thing so...