Thursday, April 23, 2009

Garden Update

Okay, good news and bad news with the garden progress. First the bad news. I only planted about 16 stalks of corn. I didn't have much room, but wanted a little and it was supposed to be good shade for the other plants. I planted it over the back side of the raised beds where we had dumped the extra mulch. It came up great. But for some reason my dogs and cats think it's great to eat the corn. I am down to about 8 stalks and they aren't looking so hot as you can kind of tell in this photo. At the back, against the planter is my black eyed peas. They seem to be doing ok and the animals don't seem to care about them. The lettuce is only just barely coming up. It's in the shade along the fence, was planted late, and I'm just not sure much is going to happen there. The next area of concern is the beans. They came up great, but the cats keep eating on them too and they don't seem to be getting very far. Sigh.

It looks like I can grow radishes pretty good though. I've been harvesting them the last week or so and I think they are almost all done.
I've got Roma, Early Girl and Lemon Boy tomatoes all set. All my tomatoes look pretty healthy. My tomatillo is flowering like crazy but not setting any fruit yet. I read some articles about it and I'm not giving up hope yet. It seems like my plant is performing like a lot of others.
My melons and squash are mostly doing ok. I think some plants are getting more water than they want and others maybe not enough. In the foreground there, you can see my zucchini and yellow squash seem to be blooming pretty well. My carrots still look a bit on the wimpy side. All is not equal in the melon patch. Some are going pretty well, while others are sadly lagging. One cucumber seems to have given up the ghost. On the other hand, I have at least one Bell Pepper, Jalapeno and anaheim pepper set.
And my Lemon and Peach trees seem very happy in their pots. So we'll see how we continue to progress! It's gettin awfully hot and that has me a bit nervous.


Heidi said...

Wow! I didn't realize you were going to plant so much. I think it looks awesome!

Cynthia said...

From that narrative and from the photos, you'd think you had a half acre garden. It looks great.

Janet in MN said...

Looks great to me Suzanne! We can't even start planting yet. It might snow tonight!

Anonymous said...

I love it!, we'll cool down a little to give them a fighting chance before the real heat sets in!