Thursday, October 22, 2009

Random New England Photos

I had several more posts planned on New England, but I seem to have "misplaced" some of my photos. I am sure they are still on my computer, but heck if I can find them all.
I would refer you to Cynthia's blog, where she has done a very clever post on our trip. Just click on the sidebar where it has her name under friends blogs.
Here is Cynthia when were definately on the Appalachian trail

Here is some lovely fall color on our way to an Apple orchard.

Here is Cynthia and I at the memorial where Joseph Smith was born in Sharon, Vermont.

A lovely view!

A wonderful tree.

More pretty fall colors.

A Halloween display we saw. This is a babysitter in training.

The boo man group.

And kids waiting for a bus. Maybe more later if I can find them!

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So funny!