Sunday, February 21, 2010

Friendship is...

So, since having surgery, I haven't had as much to blog about. I was thinking today, though, about all the nice people in my life and how much they have done for me, especially lately.
Friendship is...
taking me to my surgery appointment at 6 AM!!
Waiting for me while I have 7 hours of surgery.
Calling people you don't even know to tell them I am ok after 7 hours of surgery.
Taking me home from the hospital.
Calling to check on me often and listening to me whine, complain and lose my mind.
Driving clear across town to bring me a hamburger, when I couldn't drive.
the Young Women from my ward coming to clean my house!
bringing me meals and soup and goodies.
Trusting me enough to share your secrets with me.
Cleaning up after my dogs.
Taking care of my garden for me.
Cleaning up my back yard so I could enjoy sitting outside.
Taking my dogs for a walk for me.
Cleaning my dogs water dish.
Taking me out to lunch so I wouldn't go stir crazy.
Again putting up with my whining and complaining.
One of my coworkers doing some of my work for me, so I could stop worrying about it.
My coworkers sending me a card and roses!!
Taking me to the grocery store, mostly because I wanted out of the house.
Overcoming your squeamishness and helping me dress a gaping wound.
Helping me get ready for company.
Taking me to my doctor appointments.
Sending me nice messages on face book or emails to check on me.
Giving me nice smiles and encouragement.
Letting me work 6 hour shifts when I got back to work instead of 12 hours to start.
Acting like you missed me!

Truly I am blessed to know so many amazing and thoughtful people. Thank you for all your kind deeds, thoughts and prayers!


Cynthia said...

You know -- everyone cares about you so much because you care about everyone else so much. You are a good, good friend.

Anonymous said...

You are a very blessed person with so many wonderful & remarkable friends. Oh, I meant to thank you for the very lovely thoughts in the card you sent. "Thank You"!

bandanamomtoo said...

You are a great friend Suzanne. Everyone who has you as a friend is lucky.