Monday, April 12, 2010

Must Love Dogs

I love dogs. And I love to go to dog shows and just look at all the dogs, talk to some dog people, take some pictures and pet a few. Penny likes to do that too. So today we hit the tail end of long weekend dog show. It was inside the Cardinals stadium.
When we came in there was a whole class of Rhodesian Ridgebacks. They are really nice looking dogs. Big, but nice looking. Here is a young girl getting her dog to look nice for the judge.

And you never know who you might meet! We ran into Sue and Donna from my work. They raise and show King Charles Cavalier Spaniels. Are not these two sisters the cutest thing you ever saw!! Good thing I don't have any space for another dog. They are so cute, they almost look fake!
Here she is getting the male to try and look pretty for the camera.

And then we saw so many fun and cute dogs. Look at how solid this Bulldog is . He was resting his head against the side of the cage when I first saw him/her, like his head was too heavy to hold up. I wouldn't be surprised if it was!

And the Standard Poodles were getting ready to go in. They all have some pretty interesting haircuts.

I think Tibetan Terriers are adorable. They kind of look like a Benji dog but are a really old purebred breed from Tibet. They come in several colors, but I liked this one.

And you know, you have to put up with all kinds of things to look beautiful. This King Charles had a snood on to keep her ears beautiful. She wasn't attached to her loop. Just patiently sitting and waiting.

And this setter also wasn't attached and was patiently waiting.

There were acres of Cocker Spaniels, all the different colors.

This guy's name is Scotch. His owner was very impressed that I figured out he was a Lakeland Terrier. He had wirehair and was very cute.

Cockers, galore!

This guy was so adorable. He is a Havanese. She took him out and let us pet him. He was super soft. He only weighs 11 pounds, he is mostly hair. She says she doesn't get hair all over the house. Owning a Japanese Chin that sheds like a fiend, I find that hard to believe.

But he was adorable! He had a little pony tail going on, on top, so you could see his eyes.

Ok, This was hilarious. I think I have mostly seen Shar Pei Mixes. This female is the top ranked Shar Pei in the country, her owner told us. She was very attached to Mr. Sharkey. I was overwhelmed with how broad her face and nose was. She was really rather ugly. The lady said they are supposed to look like a hippopotamus. Well she certainly did!

Look at her cute wrinkles on her back though. I wouldn't want one. They can be quite aggressive and although they are cute puppies, I don't think they are too cute as adults.

This adorable guy is a Briard. I had not seen one this color before. He really was mostly a pretty auburn. He was standing when we first got there and he was a pretty big dog. I have seen them used in security before. They can be tough if trained that way.

These babies are Irish wolfhounds. All piled on top of each other. Quite huge. The biggest dogs we saw were Mastiffs. They are amazingly big. I didn't get a photo though.

I believe this is a Pharaoh Hound. I am not a fan. They are pretty funny looking. I've never interacted with one though. Maybe they have nice personalities. They are a very old breed from Egypt.

And it's important to get your foot work just right! Pretty German Shepherd.


Cynthia said...

I am always surprised how many breeds you can name. Looks like it was a fun afternoon.

Cathy said...

Looks almost like New York! Glad you all had fun!

bandanamomtoo said...

I love dogs too - weirdly, I am actually considering getting a 3rd dog for Jordan (stupid and crazy and my mom said "that's the LAST thing you guys need!") When I was growing up we had cats and dogs but they weren't allowed in the house, we lived near a very busy country road where the speed limit was 55 miles an hour. Oh and we DID NOT have a fence. And there was a ditch next door. And my parents didn't believe in getting animals fixed - so I had puppies and at least one litter of kittens per year, sometimes more kittens than that! My parents complained like crazy about always trying to unload cats but we were ALWAYS trying to unload kittens. Need I say that we lost a lot of dogs to the highway out front? Every single dog I ever owned was eventually killed by a car. If the dog was smart, they would stick around quite a long time because they learned to avoid crossing the busy highway - I only had two dogs like that - a little mutt named Phoebe who was some kind of mix (but was a fluffy little thing) and I dog named Sparky who was half poodle and half some kind of terrier. He looked exactly like Tiffany, the girlfriend of Benji. Anyway...I think the fact that I have dogs in the house drives my mom secretly nuts. But at least my children haven't been traumatized by constant homicide by automobile of their pets! (BTW, a friend just got a havenese and they really don't shed...and allegedly they are not all that high maintenance (needy), although I've yet to be convinced of that)

Janet in MN said...