Monday, May 24, 2010

Tomato Forest

In case you somehow haven't heard me say it lately: I LOVE MY GARDEN!!
It's been just over a year now since I put in my planters. I have a tomato forest growing right now. Most of what you see in this photo is tomato plants! And they are covered in tomatoes and still flowering. They are all still green so far. I have lots of different kinds. I CAN'T WAIT!
In front of the tomatoes, is my basil and parsley plants. My basil has been growing for a year and is quite sturdy. It will taste great with the tomatoes.

I also have some cucumbers coming along. Can you see this one? I planted bush cucumbers so they wouldn't trail as much. It looks quite bumpy. I don't think that should affect the taste. I will let you know.

And my mini corn patch is producing! I had a nice ear of corn today at lunch! I was very excited. Last year, the ears didn't develop very well. You have to have enough corn to cross pollinate. This ear was pretty nice. I have a few more still coming along.

Here are some of my tomatoes. Like I said, I have lots of different kinds. Don't they look good?

And this is the last of my spinach. It's about toast. Getting too hot for it.

I have some summer squash coming along. No fruit set yet.

And I think this is squash too, not exactly sure..It might be baby pumpkins.

And my bell pepper plant is a year old. It's really producing some nice bell peppers now. Some are quite reasonably sized.

And I always seem to have some mystery plants that I forgot I planted. I have some flowers starting to bloom, that I didn't take a photo of. I'll wait till they are open. And this thing with purple flowers? I am not sure what it is!
I've also planted some black eyed peas, beans and okra. I'm not sure they will all survive but we are coming along. It's so great to garden all year long!


Cynthia said...

How do you get your basil to grow so well, mine went to seed.
I am amazed at the variety you keep up all the time. It's gorgeous.

Auntie Em said...

purple flowers and by the looks of the leaves your mystery plant is..... EGGPLANT!!! your garden is amazing!

bandanamomtoo said...

Awesome Suzanne. Are you going to be sharing tomatoes? :)

ps - saw you tried to call yesterday, I'm keeping my phone on silent to get through with two mid-term exams so I miss a lot of calls. Hopefully once these mid-terms are over things will calm down a little.

Cynthia - my basil is growing like nuts! I have so much I can't ever in a million years use it all!!!! Come get some if you want.

Anonymous said...

amzing how much you get for the size of your garden! I'll bet the tomatos will taste "out of this world"! I am sure you take great pleasure in your wonderful accomplishment!

Phil said...

Looks like the 3rd one from the bottom is watermelon? I just planted our cucumber seeds today.