Friday, July 23, 2010

Work Trip: Bullhead/Kingman

I was on the road for work the last few days and took a few photos. The car rental company knows me really well and so they always try to give me whatever they consider the "best" car they have. So Here I am driving my Impala that only had 26 miles on it when I picked it up. It had 616 when I returned it!

This is Hualapai Mountain Medical Center. It hasn't quite been open a year yet. It is in Kingman.

This is the road between Kingman and Bull head City.

This is the hospital in Bullhead. It's been there a while. Always somewhat interesting to go there. They had a pipe burst recently in the hospital that sent 3 feet of water through the cardiac cath lab and a few other places. It ruined all the equipment in the cath lab. Ouch. That is some expensive equipment. So they are just finished redoing it.

This is Valley View Medical Center. It is Ft. Mohave, which is basically a suburb of Bullhead City. They are pretty new, been around a couple of years. There is a lot of competition between the two hospitals. It's not old hat like it is in Phoenix.

This is the view outside of my 20$ hotel room in Laughlin. I got the rate on line. I heard people at the front desk being quoted 89$ a night. I'm glad I got mine on line! You can see people in the pool in the bottom of the photo. Earlier I counted 45 people in the pool. I am not a person that would want to swim with all those people!

Saw some great rainstorms on the way home.

Happy to be home!


Anonymous said...

Love the rain shots!!!!

Anonymous said...

I know that you love to travel but maybe you should be careful your feet don't turn into wheels!