Friday, October 22, 2010

Jet's Culinary Tour

Today was the second of our DYI culinary tours. This time Beth's husband, Jet, put it together.

We had a really nice time. I enjoyed checking out some places that I had never been before. We started at Gallo Blanco. It's in the Clarendon Hotel on 4Th ave and Clarendon. They have turned it into this really neat little boutique hotel. It has a really cool pool area. See the water wall on the back? And all the cool colors? Lezlee, you would love this. And there is also a cool rooftop bar area too. We went up there to enjoy the view.

So we started with an appetizer there called Chichirones. Which are usually like pork rinds. But here it is really crispy fried cheese that they fold into a cone. It comes with an spicy aioli dipping sauce. They were awesome. And beautiful! The texture was almost as crispy as potato chips. I would recommend them!

And then here is a view of the pool area from the rooftop.

Then we went to the Grind. I had heard of this place. They grind their own meat for burgers and whatever. They were hopping at lunch time. Dan Majerle, the former Phoenix Sun was there. We were with the cool folks, I guess. We got an appetizer of Brie cooked in their coal fired oven, with thyme and olive oil, served with strawberries with balsamic and crostini. We also got a sweet and spicy hamburger. Both were fabulous and great to split four ways.

Then we went to Pizza Ala Metre. This got a best neighborhood Italian restaurant in Phoenix New Times. They start you with some of their bread and tomatoes with onions, garlic and balsamic. Then we got a great antipasto salad of veggies and then gnocchi with marinara sauce. I didn't get a photo of the gnocchi. Too busy eating, I guess.

Then we went to the Copperstate Coffee for baked goodies. This is a pumpkin Whoopie pie.

There was a chocolate cupcake with cream cheese middle. This got best cupcake in New times. It was very good.

And finally a nice moist brownie.

I am enjoying all this so much. I am thinking I may have to do one of these for my birthday. We keep thinking of new ways to do it. We could do a breakfast one, or all different types of hot dogs or Asian food, or whatever..... Food, Friends, Talk. What could be better?


Bandanamom said...

This all looks awesome Suzanne. :)

Jet Lacey said...

Good times. Thanks Suzanne!

Bef and Jet

Dana said...

I want to know how you arrange the "tour." Do you call ahead to the restaurants to make arrangements or do you just hop from one to another?

Suzanne Barker said...

Hey Dana, we do call ahead to the places that have wait staff. We don't want them mad at us for just ordering one or two things and splitting it four ways. They have been very happy to accomadate us so far. They thank us fro including them on our "tour". This is only the second time we have done it, but it's lots of fun and we plan to do more.

Cynthia said...

It all looks marvelous. I was very jealous thinking about you guys all afternoon while stuck here in our office. Til next time, I guess.