Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Peterson Automotive Museum

 We went to the Peterson Automotive museum while we were in California. I had been once before and really enjoyed it.  There were some different exhibits this time.
Here is one of the first RV's and 5th wheel trailers! The trailer is permanently attached.

 This car won at the huge national low rider show. It was so cool looking. Can you tell how low it is?
This was last years winner. Isn't it cool looking? It has about 10 carots of crushed diamonds in the paint. It was named Elvis after his love of caddy's.

 Can you see the crystal decantor in the back and push button phone and ash tray up front?
 bling on the logo
 This was one of the original paint colors from the company. I thought Penny would like it.
 This was an original parade car, used by Truman and Nixon. It was enourmously long.
A modified barbershop hot rod. It reminded me of those beach blanket movies.

 Just a really cool car. It's French.
 This skeleton motor cycle was done by an artist from Chicago. It was cool.

 One of the original batmobiles.


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