Monday, August 22, 2011

Painted the Hall!

I painted the bathroom a little while ago. And told you all that I hate to paint! So I was hoping to pay somebody to paint the rest of the house. When the guy came over, he came up with so many things (taking down the popcorn) that it really added up. So EVENTUALLY, I'll have him come over. But meanwhile, I got up the guts to at least paint the hall. It was way easier than the bathroom. Less to paint around and easier to reach. It is hard to photograph though. It was a pretty bright yellow. This view is from the green bathroom to the light purple hall. (the color is called muscari, it's a type of grape)

Here looking from the hall to the bathroom, the blue painters tape is still up. I need to paint the white trim and ceiling still.

Here it's with a flash. I like it! Maybe I'll eventually get the guts to do my bedroom.


Anonymous said...

Looks Good! You're so industrious!

Bandanamom said...

I need to come and see. I'm glad you like it!