Monday, January 30, 2012

10 Reasons it's fun to have Keegan here

My niece, Keegan moved in with me two weeks ago. It's been a busy two weeks, but we are starting to settle in together. Here are some of the best things about having her here:
1. If she is awake and hears me come home, she opens the door for me. No shuffling around for the keys.
2. She is an animal person and gives the pets lots of attention when I am not home. They are better behaved as a result.
3. She heated up the food we were taking to a potluck for me while I was driving home from work and so saved me time from having to do it when I got home.
4. I got a rip in my skirt at work tonight and she brought me a change of clothes.
5. She loves my cooking :).
6. It's fun having someone to watch a tv program with, eat a meal, visit, go on a hike or play a game.
7. It's really nice having someone go to church with me.
8. She has been pretty amenable to my suggestions and endured some rather rigourous practice interviewing.
9. It's just fun to get to know one another better.
10. She landed a job where I work!


Raven Blackmane said...

Aww...sounds lovely! That picture is so cute!

Cynthia said...

Yes, that is a cute picture.
Yay for Keegan. Sounds like it is a good match for both of you and the animals too!

Anonymous said...

Glad all is well, may it always be!

bandanamomtoo said...

I'm glad things are going well!