Tuesday, April 17, 2012

LA Fabric District- 2nd Time

 Last Fall, Cindy and I went to the LA Fabric District. We had a great time. We told lots of people about it and so they wanted to go too. This weekend I went back with Bob, Lynne and Lezlee. Lynne did the planning and all the driving. It was nice to just be along for the ride.
We stayed in the Ayres hotel. It was much nicer than what I usually stay in. Lezlee and I had a little wall between the beds in our room. I had never seen anything like that before.
 We stopped at the Outlet mall in Cabazon on our way over. Lezlee got this great Kate Spade bag. We also got to meet up with Bob and Lynne's daughter for Dinner on Friday night. She is going to college in California. Everyone loves sushi but me. I had noodles.
 This time we only went to Michael Levine. This is a shot of the inside of the store with the fashion fabrics. It's pretty inspiring. It makes you want to sew whether you are a seamstress or not. I did better this time. I only got stuff on sale. And I got some great deals. It will be make some clothes out of them.
This time I got my trims and buttons there too. That was a good idea. I spent as much on the trim and buttons back home as I did on the fabric in LA, last time. I got some great deals this time.
 This is the bead shop we went into. Got some great things there too!
 We were all inspired by the moving food courts we saw. This guy has hot charcoal set up in this shopping cart to make his grilled corn. He even was doing curb side service for some folks who stopped in cars.
 Fruit, Sonoran Style hot dogs.
 Some fun old signs in the middle of the old part of downtown. It was a vital and vibrant scene.

 I love going to the accessory area. I am currently stocked to open up my own shop in hair accessories. Bob and Lynne had a lot of excitement trying to get the car out after it was stacked parked in. After the excitement, we needed some more relaxing time. They took us to a shop in Culver City called Room and Board. Really nice furniture, reasonably priced, clean quite!
 I liked this outdoor set up. the furniture and the little portable firepit.
 I thought Lynne's shoes were fun.
 My haul for the day.
 On our way back, we stopped at a Pasadena Antique mall. Lots of fun stuff to look at.

 Lynne and I thought this dental cabinet was really cool. Not sure what we would do with it though.

 I loved these midcentury lamps, there was a pair of them, strung with ribbon. I couldn't afford them, but could so see them on my buffet.
 This was my purchase there. I had this book as a child. As soon as I saw it, my whole childhood passed before my eyes.
 We enjoyed driving through Pasadena and looking at the beautiful homes and neighborhoods. We were moving and I didn't really get good photos.
Sonoran Hot dogs on a bench in downtown.
 The big rainstorm on Friday night, brought beautiful snow up on the mountains and clear, smog free weather for us!


Cynthia said...

You stopped at some fun places !
Sounds like a great trip.

Cathy said...

Wow that is great! How fun! Love to see your goodies!