Thursday, May 3, 2012

Paddleboat at Tempe Town Lake

 Today, my niece and I rented a paddle boat on Tempe Town Lake. It was a little warm, but still fun. This is not us, but it's the same type of boat. We let someone talk us into not putting up the sun shade. That was probably not a good idea.
This is the pedals. It wasn't too hard, but I think I seriously prefer the Kayaks.
 What suprized me, was how much bird life we saw, just on our little hour trip. There were a whole colony of these nest under the old bridge. I'm not sure, some kind of swallow? Isn't there something called a mud dauber?
 We saw about 8 of these big cranes/herons. Maybe blue herons. They were really big birds. At least 5 feet tall. It was pretty cool to see them and to see so many of them.
 There were a lot of these black birds, that kind of swim under water. Coots? We got to see this one catch a fish and eat it.
 Momma duck out with her adorable 10 baby ducklings.
 There were this crowd of coots with one white egret in the middle.
 Flags flying and jets landing.
 Keegan and I.
 The light rail made regular trips across tghe lake.
 And the herons even hung out on the bridge. Fun time! They rent a variety of boats. I think it would be fun to rent one of the bigger electric boats with a shade and have a picnic on the lake with friends!


Cynthia said...

That looks like a fun day, but I think I would have enjoyed the shade too. I didn't know there were so many kinds of birds out there.
Count me in if you plan a picnic!

Anonymous said...

How Fun, I did not know they rented those! I too was surprized at all the bird life! Glad you all wore hats, cute & floppy!