Saturday, March 2, 2013

Spring Training Game

Arizona is a hot spot for Spring Training. I have been hearing about the games my whole life and had never gone to one. Today I saw the Chicago White Sox and the Cinnicinnati Reds play at Camelback Ranch. It was a really nice facility. And a beautiful day for a ball game. There were folks of all ages who turned out. There were bat boys.

Interesting pitcher poses.

Seventh inning stretch.

Interesting batter poses.

First base saw a lot of action.

Penny and I.

Interesting hairstyles to consider.

I think that's a ball.

The Reds never quite got a run.

Pitcher mound conference. Look at the wad in the one guy's cheek.

Somebody enjoyed their pedicure.

Lucy was a Reds fan.

Who knew Christopher Lloyd was a White Sox fan.

Another early fan showed up.

The White Sox congratulate each other on their win.

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