Saturday, April 6, 2013

Kachina Kennel Dog Show Sprin 2013

We went to a dog show today. I love going and seeing all the different breeds, They are all beautiful, or almost all. And the owners love talking about them. It's especially fun seeing some of the ones I will never own. Like the different mastiff breeds. This is a picture of my niece's hand holding a mastiff's paw. His paw is bigger than her hand. He weighs 230lbs. He isn't quite to full size yet.

This beagle is pretty cute. He looks a little long suffering on the grooming table.

Manchester Terrier.

Fun black miniature poodle. We saw a man go by carrying a white one. It was so white and fluffy, Penny thought it was cotten candy.

The big guys are fun. Here is another English Mastiff male.

These are 6 month old English Mastiff puppies.

Corgi puppy.

My niece was really excited to see this dog. It's a Xolo. A primitive breed from Mexico. They were thought to be extinct, but a few were found and now they are breeding them. It only has a patch of hair on top of it's head and at the tip of it's tail. It has a "hide" rather than skin. I didn't like the way it felt. My niece thought it was cool. It was the only one of it's kind at the show.

This guys was a lot of fun and huge.

 My niece's hand gives you an idea how big his head is.
Irish Wolfhound. You can see how tall he is by where the waist is of the lady holding him. These are the tallest dogs.

I think the french bulldogs are adorable.

This Shibu Inu had it's own umbrella and cot to lay out of the sun. It's fur was really thick. They are from Japan.

 Loved this guy. He was a hoot. He won his class. One very thick big bulldog. He was afraid of the camara.
 Great Danes.
A Douge De Bordeaux, scratching an itch. I almost ended up with one of these once.

My niece was excited to see these Pharoh hounds. Her dog, Tanner, is an 1/8 Pharoah Hound. We found out when we did a DNA test on him last year. He looks like a minature Pharoah hound. He is also half Chihuahua and 1/4 poodle.

 It was fun to watch the obedience classes. This is the long down, off leash, with the owner's out of sight for 5 minutes. They also jumped, fetched, heeled, retrieved by scentj.
 Japanese Chins!
Another cute bulldog.

More Great Dane's

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