Monday, February 17, 2014

First Day of the Arabian Horse Show

Another event that I have enjoyed the last 3 years, is the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show. We have gotten a two for one ticket every year. It's the best 5$ you can spend! You park out a ways and then they pick you up in a golf cart and take you right to the entry way. I haven't owned a horse since I was in high school, but it is so fun to look at all the beautiful animals. Everyone is gracious, happy to explain things if you don't know.
We walk through luxury horse trailer/RV's. The salesmen are nice even though they know we are just gawkers. It's a completely different lifestyle but fun to look at once a year. And the horses....just amazingly beautiful. So many different classes. It's about 10 days long. We are going to go twice this year. I can't help myself but take a ton of photos. There is a lot here. Some not so good, but I wanted to include them. My camera battery died, so some are from my phone. There will probably be a second installment after my next trip.

Comfy dogs

National champions


close up of tack


Serious about what she's doing

Ribbons waiting for winners

English pleasure

Long tail

 More English pleasure

 Hunter class. These are half Arabs

Stallion Western Pleasure class. Aren't they magnificent?

 Mixed up phots, more english pleasure
Yearling colt harness class

 The winner of the yearling class

 Half arab paint
 Second place winner

 Winner of the two year old colt class

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Janet Stricko said...

Say what you will about your photography. ..for those of us who can't attend. ..there beautiful!