Sunday, April 19, 2015

Ant Cake and Visiting Teaching conference

Once a year, we have a visiting teaching conference for the women at church. We have it the third hour. The men are kind enough to take over all the duties the women usually have during this time, so we can all be together.
We found a fun theme and skit on the internet this year.
The link to the skit and idea we found is here: Visiting teaching skit
Basically, it talked about being: Perist "ant", Dilig "ant", Oberve "ant", Obedi "ant", Pleas "Ant", and a Serv "ant". We made head band antenna's for the ants to wear in the skit. And I found these cute little stone and metal ants at the Mexican Art Store on 24th st., South of Roosevelt.

I were going to keep with a picnic theme and have some light refreshments of small sandwiches, fruit, veggies and a dessert. I got it into my head that it would be great to have an Ant shaped cake to go with the theme. I googled ant cake, and  all I could find were cakes that looked like picnics with small ants on them. Or a watermelon with ants. But I wanted an ant shaped cake!
So I started thinking about how to do it. I found this football cake pan at ABC cake decorating. It looked perfect for an ant body. So I baked three of them. It took me about an hour to cook each one. Then I made cupcakes for the legs. Another hour. I decided I would get wooden skewers with marshmallows on them and cover them with frosting to make the antennae.

I found these fun eyes made out of sugar at ABC cake decorating too.

Here I was trying to mock up how it would look. It was very long and I had to put two cake boards together. I knew I wouldn't be able to move it once I got it made and so was going to have to put it together at church.

My friend Juanita recommend using a star tip for frosting the body.

In progress. Tiffany kept me company.

Then I used longer ropes of frosting to make legs. It was really fun and turned out cute.

The sisters enjoyed him and there was just enough!

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