Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Loop of Lights

I haven't updated my blog in ages. I have had computer issues and so I have had more on Facebook than I usually do. I wanted to get this post up before Christmas was too long gone.
Lynnora took Derikca and I to the Loop of Lights in San Tan Valley before Christmas. It's a neighborhood, where everyone decorates. I thought this little cactus was cute.

This Santa and snowman were very energetically exercising. It was kind of funny.

A traditional nativity.

This robot was fun with his meter of Christmas spirit.


There were two neighbors with all the characters from Rudolph. Traditional painted cut outs. Kind of fun.

 Another nativity.

This was all candy land themed, with the cover to the candyland game projected on the wall.

Santa was in the window of this house, walking back and forth, very busy.

The lights in this blow up tree moved and changed color.

 I thought these were hysterical.
Santa with the whole stable of reindeer.

At the second to last house, you could have your picture taken with Santa, Olaf or the Grinch.

 Lynnora, Olaf and Dericka
This house had an amazing amount of lights and songs that went with them. It was very LOUD!

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