Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Dinner in the Park 2016

Somehow the message didn't get out, that this was supposed to be an End of the Heat potluck. It was still pretty warm. It did get very pleasant, once the sun went down though.
We had a great time at Indian School Steel Park. I am grateful for the sister missionaries who came and helped us set up and Cynthia and Melanie Hale were also awesome.

Pretty sunset and table

Starting to get things arranged.

Lanterns getting lit.

You had to lift the lantern up to see what you were dishing up. We ended up with about 45 folks, coming and going.

Lots of really good food.

Peggy and Kathleen from grade school days/

Molly and Nixon Graham came!

Barbara from work brought some great Brisket.

Lezlee and Ruby were there briefly. What a cute couple.

Dessert table

Some were a little in the dark

Uncle Ron and Aunt Rejeana

 Molly and Nixon Graham again
Love the ambiance of lantern light.

Me with my Uncle Ron and Aunt Rejeana

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