Friday, February 10, 2017

Camping February 2017

 Dericka, Lynnora and I have been camping a couple of times a year. We decided to try and get one trip in during February. There are lots of nice places to camp close to Phoenix and we had not ever tried them. We stayed at Riverside Campground, just below Bartlett Dam. It's only about an hour's drive to get there. It's right on the Verde river. And the weather was perfect the last couple of days.

We generally have some pretty good meals. Here is Lynnora toasting crostini on her little burner. Dericka then assembled them per Lynnora's instructions with cream cheese, capers, dill and smoked salmon. All along with some of Lynnora's homemade butternut squash soup.

 I had decided I wanted to try dutch oven cooking. I had done a lot of reading and was ready to try it the first night. The little briquette chimney to start the coals did a fantastic job.

The coals looked great. I followed the recipe exactly down to how many coals on top and how many on the bottom. But It really didn't get hot enough. A little trial and error. We ate it anyway.


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