Monday, March 6, 2017

Wild Horses on the Salt River

Cindy and I took a peek at the wild horses on the Salt River today. The desert is so lush and green right now, it looks like horse heaven. And there are some brand new babies, who were adorable to see. We saw over 30 horses, eating, fighting and even breeding. Yes, we saw that too. These were all really close to the road and even crossed the road in front of us a couple of times.

This was the youngest baby we saw. So cute!
We saw one horse that looked like he had a horribly infected hind leg. It made me very sad.

The white patch looks like a heart. Maybe we should call this baby Valentine.

This group looks very fat. I think maybe we have some mamma's to be here.

Checking us out in our car.

Another young cutie.

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