Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Oklahoma City

I had never been to Oklahoma City before.  I fit in a little tourist activities besides the family reunion. I went to the moving an beautiful memorial for the Oklahoma City bombing. It is very sobering, especially seeing the small chairs, which represent the children who were killed. On one end is a wall with 9:01 and on the other end of the plaza, a wall with 9:03. They help represent the moment in time when the bombing occurred.

 The reflecting pool is between the two walls.

I went to the American Banjo Museum, because, well who can resist a banjo museum? It was fun, a lot of banjos. And I learned about banjo history and famous players, promoters and events.

 Then I took the water taxi tour on the canal that goes through the bricktown area in downtown.

I especially enjoyed the land rush monument and found out the origin of the nick name Sooners. The figures are 1.5 life size and so are gigantic.

And I enjoyed the National Cowboy and Western Heritage museum. Really huge. It reminds me some of the Western Museum in Scottsdale, but it's a lot bigger. The sculptures are huge and beautiful.

Lots of art, a lot by famous people, this is a Remington.

And exhibits of Native American art.

Exhibits for western entertainers.

Rodeo exhibits.

Hunting exhibits.

Military exhibits.

More Native American exhibits.

 Cowboy exhibits and all the different types of cowboys.

Cowboy clothing

 Barbed wire and brands.

People who have promoted the west or the cowboy

I loved it all.

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