Saturday, June 9, 2018

Tour of Sony Studios

  Victoria and I went on a super quick trip to LA. While there we did a tour of Sony studios. I have toured Warner Brothers, Paramount and Universal and now it was Sony.

  They started us out in an area where they had props and costumes from some of the things filmed there. It used to be MGM studios and Columbia studios is part of it too, so there is lots of history here. I had no idea that Breaking Bad was part of what was filmed here. Loved that show and loved seeing the props and costumes. Here is Walter White and Jesse.

  Seinfeld's apt was part of the exhibits.

  They had real Emmy's and Academy awards that you could touch and pick up. So naturally we had to have our pics with them.

  More Breaking bad

  League of their own.

  From one of the Spider-Man movies

  Cool to see some of the models they use for animation.

  One of the suspended animation capsules from Passengers.


Better Call Saul

  And Breaking Bad

  This is the largest sound stage on the lot. It is where Esther Williams movies were shot. Anything big usually goes in here.

  Air force one was shot in here. They disassembled and reassembled a 747 in here.

  Wheel of fortune wasn't filming while we were there, but we got to see their stage.

  Vanna wears a different gown for every episode. They either go back to the designer or get auctioned for charity.

The wheel is covered in plastic and all the lights are out.

  Lots of cars from movies. 2 Ghost buster cars here.

  Didn't the motor home blow up? I was excited to see it and get our pic taken.

  And Walter's car.

  Lots of Breaking Bad merchandise in the gift shop.

  Even Staypuff marshmallow man.

  And there is a giant rainbow in the parking lot.


  They gave us a photo as a souvenir.  

  And I got a tshirt.

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