Sunday, July 22, 2018

Lake Louise and Lake Moraine

Lake Louise is beautiful. I have seen breathtaking photos of it for years and always wanted to see it in person. I was so glad we were close enough in Calgary to go. It is just as beautiful in person. And very popular. We had to park in an overflow lot and take a school bus shuttle up to the Lake. It was free, though and so really no problem. 

You could rent a canoe and paddle around, but first I would rather paddle a kayak but second, It was over a 100$ for half an hour. A ridiculous price. We enjoyed watching others.

The chateau is the historic hotel here and has beautiful views. I really wanted to eat lunch with a view of the lake. We tried the restaurant inside, but they were only taking hotel guests. We lucked out though, the downstairs restaurant had a patio and we got a front seat view of the lake. It was heaven.

Darla contemplating the menu.

  The food was quite tasty.

  The view of my diet soda, lake and mountains made me perfectly happy.

Gardens, lake and mountains from our table

Inside restaurant and view. We had the better deal.

While we sat there a chipmunk came right onto our table and started to get into my drink. I was so startled, I chased it away before I could take a photo. It would have been a cute photo, but I would have needed a new drink.

A breeze came along and lifted the flags for this nice photo.

  We heard about Lake Moraine while we were there and so decided we had to see it to. We had to pay 15$ for the shuttle there. It has 9 peaks around it and is longer and skinnier than Lake Louise, but just as beautiful.

  Darla ran into a friend by the gift shop

Waiting for the shuttle to take us back to the car.

Us at Lake Moraine.

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