Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I had noticed for about 6 weeks that my car was running slightly rougher. It just sounded a little deeper throated when it idled. I kept thinking that I probably should take it in and have someone look at it, but put it off as it didn't seem emergent and would probably cost a lot of money.
Then today as I was turning tightly I heard a little bit of "groaning" noise. I thought since the car is now groaning and moaning, I really should do something about it. I had bought an extended warranty with the car, way back when, since I tend to put a lot of miles on a car. My warranty is good for 100,000 miles. I'm at about 97,500.
I just heard from the dealer that the car needs a new power steering rack, to the tune of 2000$. It also needs an injection flush, motor mounts, radiator flush. All to the tune of about 2700$ plus or minus. They think they can get the extended warranty to pay for most of it. How fortuitous that I got myself in before the warranty expired! Or maybe it was inspiration? It's all good which ever one it was.
I had to rent a car while mine is being fixed. They gave me a Mazda 5 with 31 miles on it. New car smell, mmmmm. It makes it oh so tempting to buy a new one. But I know once mine is fixed and I get it a bath, I'll be happy with it again (Especially if I don't have to pay for all the repairs!).
Isn't it nice the way things can sometimes work out?


Cynthia said...

I like that word - foruitous. I'm going to use it for the next few days.
I guess you didn't take my mechanical advice. I thought your car was just tired and needed an afternoon nap. I "growl" when I get tired. Wait . . . you said it "groaned". Well, that is a whole different problem. You were probably better off getting it to a mechanic. If it ever "growls", call me for advice.

Bandanamom said...

That was "fortuitous". Kirk's car had one of the same problems - the engine mounts needed to be done so he had a loaner today. They give you a brand new BMW with only 20 miles on it so you'll want a new one I think.

Are you still driving a VW? Isn't that what you had, a Jetta or something?

I really want a new car. I do not really need one, but it would be nice. My car has been paid for for like a year and honestly, it has given me very little problems. I am coming up on 100,000 miles too real soon. I hate shelling out the kind of money it takes to buy something new and I know any little problems that come up with mine can be fixed cheaper than buying a new one at this point. I promised myself the next time I bought a car it would be with cash and I wouldn't finance another one, so that makes you really think long and hard about it before you do it. Suddenly, the new cars don't seem as tempting when it means forking over 20,000 or so.