Friday, January 4, 2008


I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all the small and large kindnesses that are shown me. Just this week, my friend Carrie needed to have emergent surgery. I called one of the surgeons I work with and he immeadiately took care of her, treating her like a VIP. How nice it was of him to do that for me and for her!
I just started working on my evening stint. My co worker in the evenings this week has been Victoria. She has made me feel so welcome and has helped me in so many ways. She just told me tonight how nice it was to have me here and gave me a big hug. How kind of her!
I had my one on one with my boss today. She was very kind about my trials and tribulations in getting used to my new hours and open to easing my way in any way she can.
The first night of my evenings, my friend Geoff called to see how I was doing with the evenings. How kind that was.
I just recently discovered the dog park and have been taking my dogs there. The people and dogs there have been really kind and nice. One gentleman in particular was going around the area cleaning up in general, not just after his own dog. How kind of him to do that and make it a nicer place for everyone.
I just wanted to acknowledge some of the kindnesses that are around everyday, there seems to be enough of the negative in the environment.


Bandanamom said...

Hi Suzanne - I hope you are able to ease into your new schedule successfully! I appreciate you noting the kindness of other people. I think sometimes we get really fixated on all that is wrong or negative with the world - but what I notice all the time is that mostly, people are good and mostly, we all try to make the world a more positive place to be. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Suzanne--I know that you were looking for a dog park. Where did you find it? How do the pups like it--Iam sure new socializatiuon skills are being developed. Of course, now people will meet you, not as Suzanne, but as Winston or Tessie's Mom--whole new world, but I bet you meet some nice people at the dog park--I know Debbie and Jamie still have tons of friends from the years they went to their dog park.