Thursday, February 28, 2008

Life in Progress

I don't have anything earthshattering to write, but thought I would post an update on things in general.
1. The diet is going well. I am ALMOST at 30lbs at 3 weeks. Pretty fabulous actually. And I'm feeling good and it's not be too hard. I just use a lot of cognitive coping.
2.Had to do another overnight shift last night and thought I was doing another one tonight. Turns out someone else is and that is a big relief. I was a bit short in the sleep department. I don't think I was ever meant to be the total night shift person. Evenings is actually ok. I worked 3 to 11 for about 4 years when I was first a nurse, so it's somewhat familiar.
3. We've had family in town over the last month. Very unusual for us as we have't had any around for a really long time. Kind of novel and fun. Had lunch today with my cousin Donald and his wife Patricia from Topeka, Kansas. My Uncle Ronald was here a few weeks ago. He came out to propose to someone!
4. The diet is also good for my pocketbook. It's amazing how much less I spend when I really can't eat much of anything or anywhere.
5. I'm slowly becoming more and more functional on my new Blackberry! It's very fun, I looked up the address of the Heard Museum on the Internet for my cousin today.
6. I'm doing really well in my life drawing class. I had one of the best drawings in class last Monday. Pretty Awesome for me! And this teacher is much more lenient in the grading scale than last semester. I think I might even get an A by the end of class!
7. There are some awfully cute boys on American Idol! Has anybody else noticed that?


Cynthia said...

Good stuff going on in your life!
So which American Idol is becoming your favorite?
We had a TIVO mishap this week and missed the girls competition.

Bandanamom said...

Great that your diet is going so well Suzanne. Mine is coming along though not at that rate! (lost 5 lbs first week).

There are quite a lot of cute boys on American Idol. That little mormon kid is cute - but I really like that guy from Australia, and he isn't quite so young. (I'm talking about cute here, not their singing necessarily). I also kind of think the kid with the rasta hair is cute.

As for your crying comment of a couple of entries ago - I think it's normal to cry and it's normal not to cry. Shannon hardly ever cries, I can cry quite easily. Mine is completely involuntary. I won't even be sad, but I'll cry about something retarded. Like a song can make me cry or - well, anything that makes me feel almost any emotion can make me cry. It's kind of embarassing, because it's hard to explain that I am not actually sad or anything, just expressing emotion through tears.

Hey, what is the name of your architect friend you were telling me about before? Kirk and I are seriously thinking about another addition to the house in the form of a studio in the backyard.

Also, on Wednesday night it is the 'art group' that meets at Cindi Tanner's. Kirk would love to have you come. It's at 7. Does that interfere with your work schedule?

Suzanne said...

Hey Lezlee, I was on the road for work and couldn't get back to you. My friend is Geoff Densic. I gave him your phone number. I don't know if he has tried to call you yet or not.
I would love to go to the art nights, but I have to wait until I'm off night shift work to be able to go!
You know I do some of that sentimental tearing up, but I don't really count that as crying. It's just not the same bawling your eyes out, headache causing storm.