Monday, July 20, 2009

Oak Park and Frank Lloyd Wright

Okay, I've got a ton of photos for this entry. Geoff and I went to Oak Park to see Frank Lloyd Wrights, home and studio. He also designed several homes and the Unity Temple there. This photo is of his home and studio. The two tortured looking guys are sculptures over the studio entrance.

This is the plaque and coat of arms that he designed.

This is a home he designed in the neighborhood. It actually has some rather gothic features.

Another Wright design.

Flowers in the area.

A lot of really nice victorian homes too.

Wright Design.

A gate into Austin park.

Geoff and a neat sculpture in Austin Park.

Wright design.

Wright Design.

A lovely neighborhood garden.

Wright design.

Wright design.

Wright Design.

Across the street from the Unity Temple.

Unity Temple

Unity Temple


Anonymous said...

Excuse my ignorance, I did not realize so much of Wright's work was still around and in Chigago! Some of his structures are more appealing than others!

quilpie said...

Beautiful houses! Don't you wish you could go inside some of them!

Suzanne Barker said...

Yes I do!! I didn't find out until we left, that Hemingway was from Oak Park too. His home is also open for tours and there is a museum.

cecelia said...

I feel like I have just had a mini art tour of chicago. The pictures are beautiful and your descriptions are fantastic. I loved every minute of looking at your Chicago scrapbook. Cecelia