Monday, July 20, 2009

Some Chicago Highlights

I still have two more posts to do, one on the Architecture tour and one on Oak Park and Frank Lloyd Wright. Here are some other Chicago photos and moments. Geoff and I rode on the 15 story ferris wheel at Navy Pier. It was right at sunset and so there are some kind of fun photos looking at the city.

Here is Geoff and I on the ferris wheel.

Geoff lives on Lakeshore Dr. in a building designed by Mies Van Der Rohe. There is a corner unit that was recently redone and vacant. This is the view from that unit of the John Hancock Tower and out of the windows in the corner.

These two photos are the views out of Geoff's unit. This is Navy pier. You can just see the Ferris Wheel. It's lit up at night. And this is the view straight down at the lake and Lakeshore Dr.

This is the view from his building to the next building.

This is the building Geoff works in. It's right on the Chicago river and is a well known building. So well known, I can't remember the name. That's the Michigan Avenue bridge in front with all the flags.

I thought this shot of the Wrigley building turned out nice. See how pretty the sky was? I really didn't notice any pollution while I was there. It was a nice clean city.

Some scullers on the Chicago River.

I went to the Oprah Store! It was quite fun. Here is a photo of her studio which is kitty cornered across the street.

A fun evening shot with the AMC Theatres and a bowling alley, all in downtown.

The famed Drake hotel on Lake Shore Drive.

Just a fun sign.

Sunset view.

The "rock and roll" McDonalds. It has displays inside of every era of design in furniture, fads, music etc, since it was founded in Chicago. Lots of things were founded in Chicago that I didn't know about.

A nice shot through downtown, showing the elevated train or "El".

My Hotel.

My bathroom in my hotel.

The faux mink throw that they always arranged on my bed in my hotel.

A nice photo of my friend Geoff.

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Anonymous said...

Looks great! I have a better opinion of Chicago now! I thought McDonalds got it's start in California!