Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What else would I be doing?

I have been noticing lately that I am more "at one" with my electronic gadgets and social networking than ever before. It's a little odd to find oneself checking facebook, my blackberry or singles site first thing when I get up and then again before I go to bed. Don't I have something better to do? How did this happen?
I think part of it is the whole dating thing. I actually have been doing some of that lately and I want to see who has written, what they say. I find myself wondering about them and how I should respond.
I also have found that facebook is actually helping me keep a little bit more in touch with people who are far away, or to whom I don't talk to all the time. I like feeling like I know what is going on with my friend who is in Afghanistan, Minnesota, Ohio or even one down the street that I don't see very often.

My Ipod is just my buddy. It keeps me company around the house and on the road. I often travel in places without much in the way of commercial radio stations. I also get pretty bored with listening to ads and DJ's. What is the life span of an IPOD? So far so good, but I worry that one day it's just going to go kaput and I will have to shell out for a new one. I think mine is about 2 years old, maybe 3, but it gets used a lot.
And it's full.

Ahh, my blackberry, blessing and curse. I love having my personal work calender synced on it. It helps keep my life organized and simple. I love having all my address and phone numbers at my fingertips. I have slowly started using my cell phone more and more. It's interesting how many people just call you on your cell phone and don't bother with your land line any more. I haven't had a texting plan, because I had email on my blackberry, why should I worry about texting? Suddenly it seems like everyone is texting me. I think I finally figured out how to do it. I don't know as many of the abbreviations that other people know. The email is better, it's free and there is no limit on characters like there is with the texts, but not everyone can do that. I am thinking I need to add texting to my plan so I don't get charged 10 cents every time I receive or send a text.
I usually leave my cell phone on all the time except when in church or a movie. I was recently getting stitches removed in the doctor's office and my cell phone rang. I was at the vet in the middle of talking to her and my cell phone rang. I didn't answer it in either case, but I think I need to get better about putting it on silent or turning it off. It is annoying to everyone. Also, do I really need to be reached all the time? What would I miss? I think I have always left it on before, because I DIDN'T get a lot of calls. But now that I seem to be getting more, I need to think it through a little more.
Then there is the emails. I love seeing the comments on my blog. I can see that I have a message on Facebook even if I can't look at it because it's a blocked site. It is helpful when I am working to be able to respond to work emails even when I am far away. But when I am off, seeing the work emails causes me a lot of stress. I start worrying about things and what I need to get done. And I can't seem to stop looking at them. Sometimes I don't read the whole thing, but the stress is still there.
Then my blog. I am often thinking, what should I blog about. Then the time getting a post up.
So what would I be doing if with my time if it weren't for all of my electronic gadgets? I might be talking on the phone more....I think I talk on the phone a little less since the advent of all the toys in my life. I am a talker though....


bandanamomtoo said...

You need to get unlimited texting at least! I saw you tried to call today but both times I couldn't answer the phone (once in an appointment and once someone dropped by unexpectedly) but I can usually ALWAYS text - but I did not know I was costing you 10 cents a text lady! I added unlimited text to both mine and my kids phones - and I love being able to do that. I think it only costs like $10 on my plan for unlimited or something like that. Anyway, I know what you mean about technology, it's a blessing and a curse sometimes.

Cynthia said...

I always worry about missing something while I don't have my phone or while it's off. I don't know why. I don't have any history of important earth-shattering informatin coming in on a text message, but still . . . maybe one day I will.

Anonymous said...

Good blog of today's world! I won't do texting, bug's Brandon to death! But I decided I can live w/o that in my life, anything else, probably not. I've had to learn to turn the cell off due to work, but I love my "one-number" service, so glad it's back!

Dana said...

It seems that texting is a necessary evil in today's world. I'm not sure I'd talk to my kids without texts! I even get text's from my grandson, and he's only 3! -- Email is revolutionary and a must of life. I still don't LOVE my cellphone, but I do love all the "extra" stuff it can do. My current favorite app is iStake. The whole stake directory at your fingertips! And, FYI it just came out for the blackberry too. -- Hope you are well. <3 Dana