Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Holiday Baking

I have been on a baking binge. I love to cook, but I especially love to bake. I'm not sure if it's just more bang for the buck or what. I especially love the flavors that we usually bake with in the fall. Plus you can give things you bake away as gifts as opposed to most other things you may cook. Well of course there is candy. And I did make fruit jellies this year. They are pretty good. I made Cranapple and Blueberry almond so far. The only draw back with them is that they need to be refrigerated. There is another recipe that they don't have to be, but it was a little more complicated.
I made these cookies called Magic in the Middles. They are chocolate cookes with peanut butter centers. They are pretty darn good. And then I made my first attemp at Linzer cookies. They tast "fine", but they are really stunning to look at. I think I may have to continue to try some different things with them and perfect my technique.

I made a couple of new pies this year. The one I am really crazy about is Cranberry Fudge Pie. It is in a graham cracker crust. It has a bottom layer of chocolate and nuts that you allow to set up. Then you cook cranberry juice, dried cranberries and fresh cranberries together and pour over the top. It tastes like chocolate covered craisins. In other words, I love that tart and sweet flavor together.
I have also been baking a new recipe for Banana Nut Bread that my co workers have really loved. Me too. It is actually from Cooking Light and has yogurt and flaxseed in it. Supposedly it has less fat and more fiber and therefore is better for you. What really makes it for all of us is that it is very moist and has lots of good banana flavor.
I've made a few savory things..I love my Cajun Dirty Rice. I had some of that. And of course I made Thanksgiving dinner.
Obviously it's time to get back on my diet. I have just a few more recipes I want to make before I go back on......


Cynthia said...

Those are pretty cookies - do they taste as good as they look? and the Chocolate and peanut butter - can't get a better combination than that.
I made the Cranberry Fudge Pie for Thanksgiving. It was delicious.

The Dahl Family said...

You are teasing me with these delicious descriptions. Please post the recipes or links so I can try them myself - especially the chocolate cookies and cranberry fudge pie.

Anonymous said...

So when do you open shop?! All looks & sounds so yummy, amazing you can find time to do all that!

Suzanne Barker said...

Michelle the recipes are from Kingarthurflour.com under recipes. Cranberry Fudge pie and the cookies are called Magic in the Middles. They are great!
Tonight I made some Chocolate covered Cherry cookies.They are from the Chocolate Chip Murder Mystery!