Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Projects

I am trying to use up things I have around the house. Besides the yarn, I had a few pieces of flannel I had bought to make baby blankets. Here is the first one. I love the print.

The second one is reversible, polka dots and stripes.

I am also trying to use some of my food storage. I have wheat that is 21 years old. I got out my grain mill and made whole wheat flour. Then I made these peanut butter, chocolate chip muffins. They were a little dry, but good! And they incorporated 3 super foods, whole grains, nuts and chocolate!


Cynthia said...

I wish I had a reason for a baby blanket at my house because that stripe/polka dot one is adorable!

Bandanamom said...

I love that print on the pink trimmed blanket. Darling. I honestly cannot figure out when you get all this stuff done! Seriously. You're like the energizer bunny.

Anonymous said...

The blankets are adorable and the muffins looked yummy!

Bandanamom said...

I had to come look at this again. Now I'm really curious because on BOTH my computers (one is a Dell PC and the other an Apple, that blanket looks black & white with pink trim - like totally pink. Now that I know what it really looks like its shocking how different it looks in this photo. Does it actually look right on your screen?

Suzanne Barker said...

Well, I guess it could look a little pinkish, maybe I see it how I know it's supposed to look? Cindy was surprized when she came by and I told her you thought it was pink.
I don't see the black and white. but I think I can see how you might see it pink.