Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Arizona Centennial Celebration

Arizona is celebrating 100 years of being a state today! There have been several Centennial events going on. On Saturday, my neice Keegan, friend Penny and I all went to the Best of West Fest at the capitol. It was a little warm, but still a lot of fun there was a little of everything and a lot of somethings. They had a whole native american village and lots of booths for all the tribes. These were two young Hopi boys who were dancing.

There were a lot of motorcycles. They were giving away the Copper Chopper that was made especially for the centennial. They had a special ride from Mesa to the capitol with all the bikes. There were over 3000 of them! That looks like tons and tons of bikes and bikers. It was fun to watch them roll in.

There were cars on display including my favorites the low riders.

There was hispanic areas that included mariachi's and these beautiful folklorico dancers. Lots of good food if I hadn't been on a diet. Darn it.
Bikers everywhere.

There was a whole military section. My dad was a marine so included this photo.

Panning for gold in the frontier section.

The capitol dome had been refurbished for the occasion.

There were several stages with entertainment. This was the main stage in front of the capitol.

Rodeo queens and Centennial Cacti.

We even got to see the actual World Series trophy in the sports pavillion! Awesome!

The WBNA championship trophy.

My neice enjoyed a candy apple.

Flyovers of vintage aircraft.

Sport mascots.

Smokey the Beasr and friends.

I made some new friends along the way.

More bikers.

Penny and Keegan made friends too.

Happy Birthday Arizona! Proud to live here.

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