Thursday, March 8, 2012

Scottsdale Dog Club Show 2012

I enjoy going to dog shows. Not so much for actually watching and following the competition as just being able to see, pet and enjoy all the beautiful dogs and talking to the owners. I am lucky that my friend Penny enjoys doing it with me. She is quite contect to just wander through and visit as they come. We don't have any agenda of anything we have to see.
The Fiesta Cluster of Dog shows was just over the last 5 days. We made it to one afternoon. There is another big weekend coming up in a month that we hope to see some of too. That one will be on the West side. Here are a few of the sights we saw:
 Always interesting to see the fancy Poodle doos. I actually really like a standard Poodle, but I like the all over even body cut.

They had a booth and display in honor of military working dogs. I have a great amount of admiration and respect for these dogs. They were working on raising money for a monument in Washington for them.

 This Border Collie puppy wasn't in the show. He was just visiting, but awfully cute.
 The Afghn hounds are always really pretty. We happened on to the class and the differences in their coats and coloring were amazing and lovely.
 This wire haired Dachshund was there in support of his friends who were in the show.
 What can you say about an Affenpinscher face?
 Two sibling boy afghans and a female. Look at the differences in coloring.
 One of the gals I work with has two Shiba Inu's. It was fun to see how puppyish they look because of how rounded their coat is. This is a full grown adult. Really pretty dogs and a nice size.
 I had to take a photo of the long haired Dachshund class for my friend Melinda from work who has a few of these guys.
 I love a Clumber Spaniel. Just something about them. They are a large dog in a little body.
 English Setters are another beauty.
 A couple of Standard Schnauzers.
 A Tibetan Spaniel puppy, 6 months old. Another breed I think I would like to own. Adorable dog.
 This Irish Wolfhound was a good backrest. Gentle giants.
 I am not a big fan of these dogs, but they always make interesting photos.
 Minature Bull Terriers. They have the funniest oval heads. Another friend has these guys.
 Irish Terriers. I think they are pretty redheads.
 A Bouvier Des Flanders. A nice looking pile of hair.
 A Briard. This dog one Best of Herding breeds.
 A rough coated Collie
 A Puli. They naturally have dreadlocks and herd sheep in Hungary.
 A Swedish Valhound. A breed new to the AKC and the first time I had seen one in person.
The Best of Herding class.

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Dogs are so fun! Great pictures!