Saturday, September 15, 2012

Draft Horse Show

Today, some friends and I went to Prescott to see a draft horse and mule show. We don't know why, but there weren't any mules there. My neice was very disappointed. She really likes mules. It was  a small town show and was small. But still it was fun to see these gentle giants. Although it didn't quite seem that way at first. When we got there, this riding class was going on. There were just two girls in it.

This girl won the class. After recieving her ribbon. She was told to take a victory lap at a lope. As she started around, her horse started bucking and bucked her off. Poor girl. Bucked off on a victory lap. After being reassured that no one was hurt, it was kind of funny.

 Then they had a farm wagon class. This was  coup[le of Percherons. They were my neice's favorites. This next pair where Shires. They won the class.
 These were also Shires.
I thought these Belgians were beautiful. And they were also huge. Again we had a little excitement. They were trotting along when, suddenly the far horse weaved a little bit and then went down. Thank goodness the other horse just stayed still and quite. Apparently, these draft horses can "lose their air" or faint, when they haven't been worked for a while. I can tell you when an animal this size faints, it's pretty spectacular. He broke the wagon. After everyone was ok and they got them out, it was a big sigh of relief that no one was hurt. They were disqualified though. No fainting allowed.

 We had the bareback class.
 And they had a breeders exhibition where they showed the different draft horses and talked about them. This is one of those beautiful faining Belgians again.
 My neice insisted that this standard poodle was sporting a moustache..
 They had a stick horse race for kids 4 and 5 years old. This girl was practicing.
 This big guy was a Clydesdale. His momma works for Budweiser. He was 20 hands tall. Thats a lot of horse.
 Same guy.
 Their feet are about 10 inches across or about the same as a dinner plate. This is a Belgion.
 This is a Percheron.
 This pretty gray dapple is a Shire.
 A pretty face.
 Is she cute or what? She was licking her hand and smoothing down the hair of her stick pony.

 A girl and her horse.

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