Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Susan's House

I just got back from a visit to my friend Susan in Oregon. She has an amazing eye for decorating with found objects. I have posted some photos in the past, but here is an update. This is a view across her back yard again from the deck. You are looking at a a claw footed tub that has a shower head on it and becomes a fountain. There are water plants in the tub. There is also a vine covered arch over towards the hot tub. The door on the garden shed was salvaged from a house that was being torn down as was the window.

 Aren't these succulents in the graduated pots fun? and she has lots of beautiful garden plants.
 Old liscense plates, and parts of garden implements.
 I love, love these old hubcaps on her wall and the wood planers or shavers or whatever they are called.
 This old coke machine is in the entry way to her house. It works!
 The bay window in her living room that she had put in.
 Rtont yard.
 Fall leaf
 She picked this metal cat up on our trip to the coast. Isn't he fun?

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